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Smart Home Touch Dimmer Switch LED Spot Light Dimmer Wall Switch

  • With touch function and remote control function, it is equipped with a remote controller. 3 Gangs can control Three lamps.
  • The remote control switch has the function of long distance remote control, which is up to 20 meters indoors. Toughened glass panels, unique design and luxurious beauty.
  • Toughened glass panels, unique design and luxurious beauty. MCU chip inside, superior performance, more sensitive touch. With a gentle touch, it can easily control the light open and close.
  • The outer shell is made of fireproof plastic material, effectively preventing switch ignition. Control by live wire, easy for installation, do not need rewiring and replacing the switch before directly. With LED indicator, shows the location of the switch in the dark
  • Humanized design, remains closed automatically after power cut. Prevent the occurrence of leakage and electric shock danger. Can control such as incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, bulbs, LED lights and most kinds of light on the market.
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