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BluBee USB 3.0 Data Cable 4 Amp. RB3440/3 (V8)

Charge your Smartphone and other smart devices with BluBee RB3440/3 V8 MicroUSB cable and enjoy smooth transfers and Super fast charging with the capabilities of USB 3.0. Ideal for charging Android phones and tablets or connecting PC peripherals such as hard drives, printers and more. High Speed Charging With 4 Ampere Current.

Product Description :

USB 3.0 to micro-USB data cable is widely used in today's digital devices like smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, PDAs, digital cameras/camcorders, hard drives, e-readers, external battery chargers, etc.

This BluBee Micro USB Data Cable can effectively charge your micro-USB device and transfer data both at a very High speed using a USB adapter SUPPORTING usb 3.0. This 1 m long Super Fast data cable allows swift and consistent charging.

Main Features:

The Micro USB Data Cable is easy-to-use and a snap to carry. Its one metre long cable makes it suitable for everyday requirements.

● USB 3.0 support.

● Practical 2 in 1 design, convenient for use

●4 Amp super fast charging.

● Zinc alloy connector, anti short-circuit technology, more safe and durable.

● Bold copper wire cord, up to 2A current, saving 30 percent time on charge time than any other standard Data Cable.

● Nylon braided design, no worries of bending or twisting.

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